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When it comes to specific mobile applications that are changing the face of the world as we know it, and also gaining widespread media attention because of it, look no further than the amazing apps, Sila and AppMahal. Both apps were created by the umbrella company AppMahal. Sila and AppMahal were specifically created for the Arab world and they are catching on like wildfire with people of all ages! Not only are there over 3 million installations of both applications, but they are also extremely highly rated in the app Play store.

The reality is that men and women of all ages absolutely loves these apps, and with good reason! Both Sila and AppMahal are unique and innovative social media applications that bring people together. They are both easy, fun, and very effective, which is why they both have been featured all over the web and on TV shows such as BBC News, Skynews, MBC, and Al Ghad TV.